Provide Greater Service

Visitors are vital to Abingdon’s tourism economy.  The Abingdon Convention & Visitors Bureau works year round to promote Abingdon as a great travel destination for visitors.  We want travelers to come here because they spend money which creates jobs for local residents. Therefore it is important that we provide exceptional service when visitors get here. Visitors typically spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars during a visit to Abingdon.  Great customer service will inspire them to spend more and be more satisfied, which in turn inspires them to come back and tell their friends about Abingdon.  Great service is smart business for Abingdon!

As a frontline employee, you are often the only contact a visitor might have with someone from Abingdon. Exceptional customer service can help set our town and region apart from other places a traveler could go.  Every visitor to Abingdon is a V.I.P. because they make a big economic contribution to our community.  So the next time you see someone from out of town who looks lost, be sure to offer assistance because they are probably looking for a place to spend some money!

You will learn a lot about Abingdon as you progress through this training program.  If you want to go the extra mile and learn more about Abingdon, complete information about shopping, nightlife, attractions, activities and dining in Abingdon can be found at  Also, be sure to drop by the Visitor Center located in the big white house on the hill at 335 Cummings Street.  The Abingdon Visitors Center is the best place for visitors to obtain comprehensive and detailed information about all there is to do in Abingdon.  Travel counselors are available at the Visitors Center seven days a week from 9:00am to 5:00 pm.