About Abingdon, Virginia and the eLearning Program

Welcome to the Abingdon, Virginia online customer service learning platform. This educational program was designed specifically for frontline hospitality employees and volunteers.

At the heart of good customer service is the Golden Rule: “treat others as you would wish to be treated.” When people visit Abingdon, we want them to experience the friendliest, best informed and most helpful people at every tourism site, restaurant, shop, hotel and business.

When you provide visitors with exceptional customer service they are most likely to have a positive experience in the Abingdon area. Visitors who have a positive experience are more likely to return in the future and make positive recommendations to their family and friends, which ultimately translates to more money spent by visitors in Abingdon. Increased visitor spending drives a growing economy and more jobs for the Abingdon area. Providing great service makes good business sense! The Abingdon Convention and Visitors Bureau (ACVB) has developed this frontline customer service training to help you be the best informed about Abingdon from the visitor’s perspective. This online training program is designed to be educational, interesting and hopefully a bit fun for you.

There are 11 sections in this training program. Each section includes educational information followed by a brief quiz to test your knowledge. You must successfully complete the quiz at the conclusion of each section to proceed to the next section. The 11 section topics are (in order):

  1. Provide Greater Service
  2. Abingdon & Washington County Overview
  3. First impressions and providing directions that are easy to follow
  4. Where to eat
  5. Where to shop
  6. Where to stay
  7. Local attractions
  8. Attractor – Heartwood
  9. Attractor – Barter Theatre
  10. Attractor – Outdoor Adventure
  11. Know the Southwest Virginia region

Upon completion of the entire program, you will be awarded the Abingdon Tourism Ambassador designation along with a lapel pin and a certificate of completion. In addition, all approved front-line hospitality employees will receive two tickets to a show at Barter Theatre. *

*The Barter Theatre tickets are a special thank you offered to front-line hospitality employees only. You must be pre-approved by your employer and the CVB in order to receive theatre tickets.